Posted on: February 7, 2018


Springtime marks the beginning of Festival Season in Palatka!  Help us clean up our City by cleaning up your yard or business.  If you call and schedule a pick-up between  2/12/18 through 2/22/18, we will come pickup your curbside trash for FREE.  Call 386-329-0107 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to schedule a pick-up.

Please note this does not apply to demolition materials, furniture or appliances you’ve pulled from inside your home.  This DOES apply to any items sitting in your yard that need to go!

The City partners with Palatka Pride, Keep Putnam Beautiful and Habitat for Humanity to sponsor "Operation Clean Sweep - Greater Palatka Clean Up" which is an environmental clean-up program.  We encourage all citizens to clean-up, fix up, paint up and spruce up their yards and businesses so we can look the best we can for the thousands of visitors we will have throughout the spring and summer.  The Palatka City Commission  has declared an amnesty period for large item and curbside trash pick-up (non-household garbage) FREE OF CHARGE for residents who call in a pick-up from February 12th through the 22nd.  Call 386-329-0107 to schedule a pick up. 

Help us keep our community looking good -- mow your grass, clean up weeds and litter around homes and businesses, and volunteer to participate in clean-up efforts in your neighborhood and community!   If it's sitting in your yard rusting, get it to the curb and we will pick it up!  We will even help arrange a pick-up of a dilapidated/junk auto from your property (you must have title to the vehicle). Please note that city crews cannot come onto private property to pick up items – they must be on the curb.

If you need help getting those large items to the curb, or for help with painting and fixing up porches and facades, contact Habitat for Humanity at  (386) 325-5862 or Palatka Pride at the Palatka Police Department at 386-329-0115.  Let's Clean It Up and Green It Up!   

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