216A St. Johns Avenue

Project Details

This building, formerly known as the Rainbow Cafe, had been neglected for over ten years with almost no maintenance or repairs. The condition of the building was critical about a year before the current owner purchased the building. A large section of the roof structure had failed and collapsed. For a year the building was flooded causing the second story structure to deteriorate. In 2010 Robert and Jana Goodwin were awarded a Building Improvement Grant. The goal was to repair and restore the building to its original condition. The applicants were awarded a $125,875 grant to do just that. Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin also pledged $59,531 of their own money as a match.

The ground floor was repaired and restored to a 1200-square foot retail / commercial space, while the second story would become a luxury downtown residential apartment. Finishing the second story interior space was not part of the grant agreement. Improvements to the interior included an elevator, new floors, walls, ceilings, and a/c system.

The exterior of the building has been modified over the years, covering most of the original architectural elements. Improvements to the exterior included removing paint from the brick, repainting brick, restoring the original transom lights, rear staircase, private courtyard, and a balcony overlooking St. Johns Avenue. In order to install a balcony on the front of the building and to not modify the original orientation and placement of windows. CRG architects engineered the existing window to swing open, allowing access to the balcony.

The ground floor retail space is now available for rent. For lease rates and more information, please contact 386-325-0213.

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