Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater leaves your home from sink and shower drains, washing machines, dishwashers, and commodes and enters the City's sanitary sewer system. A vast network of pipes lie unseen under the ground as well as main pumping stations that function continually day and night to carry your wastewater to the city's treatment plant.

The City of Palatka Public Works personnel work daily to maintain these stations to ensure that your wastewater flows either by gravity or pump to the treatment facility to be cleaned and disinfected to a quality acceptable to be reclaimed for reuse purposes or released into the environment.

The City of Palatka Platt Drew Wastewater Treatment Plant was established in 1985 and currently treats an average of 1.7 million gallons of flow per day. 40 Lift Stations throughout the City are serviced and maintained on a daily basis.

Our plant currently supplies reuse irrigation to several facilities throughout the city including Golf Course, Airport, Cemeteries and Ball Fields. Current projects as of 2019 include sod farm irrigation and bio-solids land application.
Our total flow capacity was upgraded to 3.5 million gallons per day in 2011. We will be discharging 100% of our final effluent as reuse by 2015. We are also currently in the process of upgrading our biosolids handling facility.


3010 Browns Landing Road

Palatka, FL 32177

Phone: (386) 329-0146

Fax: (386) 329-0183