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Fees for Special Events

Blue Crab Festival 2023

Permit Issuance and Fees:

When your application for a Class A or Class B permit is approved, the special events coordinator will send a written notification to the applicant. This notification will include a written summary of the permit's terms, conditions, and limitations, including a breakdown of all fees and costs associated with the permit issuance. In the event of a denial, the special events coordinator will communicate the decision in writing, along with the specific reason for the denial.

Upon approval of a special event permit, the applicant will be subject to the following fees (SEE BELOW), including but not limited to:

Daily fee for each day of the event, encompassing any portion of a day. The daily fee will be determined based on the fee schedule.

"Class A" permit applicants must agree to pay the actual cost of the Putnam County Landfill tipping fee. Payment of these fees must be made within seven days following the event's conclusion. The city commission may impose an additional deposit ranging from $500 to a maximum of $2,500, which will be credited toward paying actual tipping fees. Any surplus deposit will be refunded after deducting the actual fees or upon proof of Putnam County Board of County Commissioners waiving landfill tipping fees.

  • Law enforcement/security fees  
  • Fire/rescue fees  
  • Building department inspection fees  
  • Any other fee deemed reasonable and necessary by the city commission to safeguard public health, safety, and welfare.

All categories of fees will be itemized at the time of permit approval. Fee amounts will be calculated when possible or estimated if precise calculation isn't feasible in advance at the time of the special events coordinator's notification of permit approval.

Special events commemorating federal holidays (such as New Year's Day, Independence Day, etc.) are exempt from city fees due to their community-wide significance and benefits. Nonprofit organizations sponsoring Class B and C special events that provide free entertainment, education, or food to the public and don't involve fundraising are exempt from city permit fees only.  

 Payment for all fees and estimated fees must be made at least 14 days prior to the event's first day. If any fees are estimated, they will be precisely calculated as soon as relevant information becomes available, but no later than 30 days after the event concludes. The special events coordinator will notify the applicant of any difference between estimated and actual fees. Within 30 days, any surplus fees collected will be refunded, or the applicant will need to pay any fee deficit.

Failure to settle the remaining fees may lead to future denial of special events or permits.

In the event of a weather emergency declared by Putnam County Emergency Management or the police chief or designee, resulting in the cancellation of an entire special event, the applicant may to select an alternative event date or request a refund of all fees paid to the city, excluding fees for services already rendered.

The applicant is solely responsible for acquiring any required permits or authorizations from city, state, county, or federal authorities for activities associated with the special event in addition to the special event permit. Proof of these additional permits or authorizations must be provided to the special events coordinator at least five business days before the event's start.

Noncompliance with the terms and conditions of a special event permit may lead to immediate event suspension. The suspension will continue until the noncompliance is resolved. The special events coordinator or designee, or the chief of police or designee, will promptly notify the applicant of the noncompliance. If not rectified, the event may be suspended or remain suspended until compliance is achieved.

The special events coordinator, in consultation with the special events committee and the city manager, may assess the need for a performance bond or deposit when there is potential for city expenditures due to material loss, breakage, or damage to property. The bond or deposit amount will correlate with an estimated potential damage cost. The bond or deposit will be collected at the time of final event approval.

Fee schedule.

Attendance is based on historical data. In a case where no historical data is available, the minimum fee shall be based on the lowest per-day fee. The attendance formula means the total attendance divided by the number of days of operation.

Permit fees—Per day:

Event Class            

  • "Class A" permit fee per day $400
  • "Class B" permit fee per day  $300
  • "Class C" permit fee  $100

Note: School district events occurring on school district property are exempt from application fees but not from fees for service.

Daily fees for special events with an estimated attendance of more than 80,000 for any one day shall be set by the city commission.

Fees for services provided by city personnel:

The following fees are for police and fire personnel and the building inspector assigned to special duty to provide security services for all special events:

  • Police personnel               $45 per hour (two-hour minimum)
  • Fire personnel                   $45 per hour (two-hour minimum)
  • Building inspector            $45 per hour (two-hour minimum)
  • Public works personnel  $45 per hour (two-hour minimum)
  • Other city personnel       $45 per hour (two-hour minimum)

The following fees are set for the Bronson-Mulholland House:

One to six hours

AreaDuring Work Hours          
After Work Hours          
First floor & grounds
Entire facility 

Over six hours

AreaDuring Work Hours          
After Work Hours          
First floor & grounds
Entire facility 

Additional fees

  • Janitorial Fee - See Special Event Application 
  • Security*                $45 per hour
  • Security deposit (refundable)      $500

Seven percent sales tax also applies

The following fees are set for the Price-Martin Center:

Full Day $450

Per Hour $60 per hour

Security* (minimum two officers)                                 $45 per hour

Security deposit (refundable)                                      $250 full day or $50 per hour

Seven percent sales tax also applies

*Events with alcohol require security. Contact Community Affairs for more information.

All prices are subject to change

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