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Vacant Property Registration

Vacant Structure Registration

Owners of both commercial and single-family vacant structures are required to register these properties with the City, with no associated cost. The registration process involves providing the following details:

  1. Property Description:

    • Includes the property's address, legal description, and folio number.
  2. Contact Information:

    • Names, addresses, email addresses, and 24/7 contact telephone numbers of the property owner, their agents, or local representatives.
  3. Written Consent:

    • Consent from the property owner allowing the City of Palatka Police Department to enforce trespassing penalties outlined in F.S. § 810.08.

Owners of vacant structures within multifamily buildings are exempt from this registration requirement if the following conditions are met:

  1. Property Management:

    • The multifamily structure has an on-site property manager.
  2. Homeowners' Association:

    • There is a homeowners' association responsible for managing and maintaining the property.
  3. Security:

    • Security measures are in place on the property.

Under these circumstances, the property manager, at no cost to them, is responsible for registering the following information with the city:

  • Property description, including addresses and unit numbers of all vacant structures within the multifamily building.
  • Names, addresses, email addresses, and contact telephone numbers of the property manager or designated agent are available around the clock.
  • Written consent from the property owner allowing the city's police department to enforce trespassing penalties described in F.S. § 810.08.

If any of the conditions in subsections (b)(1) through (4) are not met, individual owners of vacant structures within multifamily buildings must register as per subsection 30-196(a).

This registration is required during property transfers and subsequently every October 1. Additionally, any changes to the registered information must be reported within ten days of the modification.

Download the required Vacant Structure Registration form by clicking here

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