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Posted on: August 10, 2023

City Sign Ordinance: Did you know posting signs on poles is illegal


Did you know that there are specific rules in place for where and how signs are allowed to be displayed in Palatka?  

Prohibited Locations: It is against City ordinance to post or paint signs on trees, utility poles, curbs, or any similar locations. 

Setback Requirements: For signs that are not on buildings, they must be set back at least five feet from the right-of-way and all other property lines.   

Political or Campaign Signs: Political or campaign signs on behalf of candidates for public office or measures on election ballots must adhere to the following regulations:

These signs may only be erected not earlier than 50 days prior to primary elections and must be removed within 14 days following the general election.   

The City may remove signs that do not adhere to the ordinances. Signs removed by the City will be stored by Code Enforcement at the City Hall Annex, 203 N. Second St. Palatka, for ten business days before being disposed of. 

Snipe signs: A snipe sign is an unauthorized or illegally placed sign, often used for advertising, promotions, or political campaigning. These signs are typically made of materials such as paper, cardboard, or plastic, and they are placed in public areas without permission from property owners or relevant authorities.

Snipe signs are commonly found on utility poles, street signs, traffic signals, and on the side of major roads. They are called "snipe signs" because they seemingly appear overnight like snipes, a fictional bird that is said to be difficult to catch.

These types of signs are illegal under Palatka City Ordinances and will be removed. 

Find the Ordinances: You can access the full copy of Palatka's ordinances at

Please call City Hall at (386) 329-0100 for more information.

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